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Every dollar you donate to the Trust is re-given. A single donation can assist many worthy causes. The Trust's strict due diligence process does all the hard work for you and enables your donation to really make a difference.

For more than 70 years, the Trust’s fundraising efforts have improved the wellbeing of the most marginalised, vulnerable members of the Brisbane community. Established in the 1950s, the Trust continues the good work of the Lord Mayor whose mission is to improve liveability for all Brisbane's residents.

Every year, the Trust supports Brisbane charities by distributing funds to various local and grassroots charities working hard to provide vital community services and to address pressing social needs within Brisbane, including homelessness, disability, domestic violence and illness.

Every dollar donated to the Trust is re-given to those in need.

Corporate partners, community groups and individual benefactors can be confident donating to the Trust because of its ability to identify charities in genuine need of support. 

Many corporate donors choose the Lord Mayor's Charitable Trust because a single donation is distributed to many needy charities, taking away the hours of work needed to identify suitable philanthropic opportunities.


To make a general donation, please click the Donate Now button below or simply do direct debit with the banking details below.

Account Name: Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust – Gift Fund

BSB: 064-000

Account: 11556779

Please forward remittance advices to

If you would like to discuss a donation, transaction, receipt or refund with the Lord Mayor's Charitable Trust, please don't hesitate to contact us on (07) 3403 5381.

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