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The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust (Trust) is an Ancillary Fund (and a Public Fund) within the meaning of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Cth), established solely for the purpose of providing money, property or benefits to another fund, authority or institution which has been endorsed by the Australian Tax Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient.

The purpose of the Trust is to support Brisbane’s grassroots charities and other charitable grassroots activities by using the high profile of the Trust to raise funds to be distributed to a range of worthy, lower profile and generally underfunded charitable organisations or charitable activities supporting charitable activities in Brisbane. As outlined in the Trust Deed, the Specific Purposes of the Trust are:

  • To attract and retain for the Trust the continuing interest and financial support of members of the public;

  • To solicit donations, gifts, bequests and other forms of financial assistance;

  • To widen knowledge and understanding among the public of the Trust, its activities, needs and objectives;

  • To support organisations which do community work for the people of Brisbane; and

  • To promote goodwill among the people of Brisbane and their relationship with the Lord Mayor and Brisbane City Council.


The Christmas Grant provides Brisbane charitable grassroots charities with much needed toys, food vouchers and funding for Christmas celebrations.


Due to COVID-19, the funding may also be used for alternative Christmas celebrations (for example, to fund an online client Christmas celebration, where catering is being delivered to client locations).

Eligibility for this Grant


An organisation is eligible to apply for this grant if all the following criteria are met:


  • Has Deductible Gift Recipient status;

  • Is an incorporated body with:

    • not for profit objectives; and​

    • a charitable purpose(s)

  • The benefit afforded by the Trust is provided directly to recipients residing within the Brisbane City Council local government area by the organisation;

  • The organisation is registered with the appropriate regulatory body (SCNC, ASIC etc.) and operates in Australia;

  • The organisation intends to use the benefit for the endorsed purposes set out in their Deductible Gift Recipient status and in accordance with their consultation; 

  • The organisation is located or provides services within the Brisbane City Council local government area.;

  • Due to COVID-19, the funding may also be used for alternative Christmas celebrations (for example, to fund an online client Christmas celebration, where catering is being delivered to client locations).


The following are ineligible applicants:

  • Employees of the Brisbane City Council;

  • Employees and relatives of the Lord Mayor and the Trustees of the Trust;

  • Government or semi-government organisations;

  • Unions and student guilds;

  • Professional associations;

  • Investors of the Trust and their associated entities;

  • Organisations registered as a company limited by shares; and

  • Organisations that are Public Ancillary Funds.


Organisations which are not eligible to apply for a grant in their own right cannot apply for a grant through an eligible organisation. In the same way, an organisation cannot apply on behalf of another eligible organisation. To remove doubt, auspicing arrangement with and between organisations will not be considered. 


The following are ineligible applications:


  • Capital funding for infrastructure building and improvements; and

  • Any activity that does not provide a direct benefit to the community such as;

    • Salaries or wages (not including engagement of professional services)​

    • Marketing costs and materials including social media*

    • Rent and lease costs

    • Administration expenses

    • Repayment of debts or loads

    • Items purchased from overseas suppliers

    • Any other operational costs of the organisation.

*Activities such as website upgrades and administration may be considered if they are deemed by the Trust to provide direct benefit to the community. 



The Trust can choose to receive and consider applications as part of its grant round process on an "as and when considered appropriate" basis. The Trust reserves the right to forgo any grant rounds as they see fit.


Only one application from each organisation will be considered at a time. Organisations cannot submit multiple applications in the same specified grant round or apply in a subsequent round if a previous application is still valid for consideration by the Trust. If more than one application is received by the Trust from the same organisation, preference will be given to consideration by the Trust of only of those applications in the absolute discretion of the Trust. 


The application must be completed online to the Trust on or before the grant closing date and time as published on the Trust’s website, otherwise the application may be deemed ineligible.  Late applications may not be accepted.

Assessment of Application

Trustees of the Trust will assess applications against the following criteria:


  • Is the project or activity one that will deliver genuine direct benefit to the local community?

  • Is the project or activity delivering a local grassroots benefit and impact?

  • Is the organisation and or project funded elsewhere, and if so, by whom?

  • Is the organisation located or does it provide services within the Brisbane City Council local government area?

  • The size of the charity as classified by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits commission.

  • Will the benefit afforded by the Trust be provided directly to clients residents residing within the Brisbane City Council local government area?

  • Amount of Trust funds available to be distributed. 

The Trustees reserve the right to:

  • exercise the Trusts discretion in the assessment of an application; and

  • choose a particular cause to which it intends to direct part or all of its funds.



Application procedure

Applications must be submitted via the Trust's online form with the following required supporting documents: 


  • ​Proof of Deductible Gift Recipient status;

  • Most recent audited financial statements;

  • Quotes/estimates for requested items or to conduct the activity;

  • Proof (in letter format) the organisation intends to provides the benefit afforded by the Trust directly to recipients residing within the Brisbane City Council local government area;

  • High resolution logo; and 

  • One A4 page submission in support of the grant application detailing in briefing:

    • the nature and focus of the charity;​

    • the item/activity/proposal being applied for funding;

    • how the grant would provide direct benefit to the community; and

    • expected impacts of or outcomes from the grant. 


Applications received by the Trust after the closing date and time of the grant round, as published on the Trust’s website, and/or which do not have the required supporting documents attached may be deemed ineligible for a grant.


By submitting the application form the applicant agrees to abide by the conditions of grant.


Outcome of applications

There are three outcomes for submitted applications:

  • Approved in full; 

  • Approved in part; and

  • Not approved.


Applicants will be notified by the Trust regarding the outcome of their application. Successful applicants will be invited to attend a formal grant presentation hosted by the Trust at Brisbane City Call, COVID-19 restrictions pending. 




The recipient organisation receiving a grant from the Trust will be required to complete an acquittal form (provided by the Trust) showing documentary  evidence of the expenditure of the funds for the purpose for which the grant was provided within three months of grant receipt; or such other time as advised by the Trust to the recipient organisation. 

The acquittal should be accompanied by:

  • details of the project or activity undertaken using the grant funding;

  • details of those who benefited from the project or activity;

  • impact statements of the project or activity;

  • pre-approved images for promotional use of the activity or project that the grant supported; and 

  • evidence of promotion of the project acknowledging the Trust contribution.


The Trust reserves the right, following acquittal, to request the return of unexpended funds or funds expended for a purpose other than for which the grant was provided. If the recipients unable to expand the funds (in full or part) for the approved use, they must contact the Trust before expanding further funds and seek the consent of the Trust in writing for a change of approved use of funds. Consent is in the absolute discretion of the Trust. Where consent is not given by the Trust for the change in approved purposes, the organisation will be required to refund the funds to the Trust


Acknowledgement of Trust

The organisation receiving a grant from the Trust will be required to:

  • Make use of the Trust Logo (provided by the Trust) on website and marketing materials relating to the funded project or activity; and

  • Tag the Trust social media accounts when posting.


Further, where the organisation publishes an annual report, the Trust should be recognised for its contribution to the charity. The Trust will assist in making the Trust logo available for marketing collateral to assist with the acknowledgment.

Privacy and Direct Marketing


The Trust collects, uses, discloses and stores any personal information collected from an organisation using the application form in accordance with the Trust's Privacy Policy. A copy of the Trust's Privacy Policy may be found here or you may request a copy from the Trust by emailing the Trust at

By completing the application form you:

  • consent to the Trust collecting, using, disclosing and storing any personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy and the conditions of grant; and 

  • consent to receiving newsletters, emails, SMS or similar electronic or physical communication from the Trust for the purpose of the Trust marketing the activities or business of the Trust; and 

  • consent to the use, publication, adoption and reproduction of photographs, images, designs, drawings and other visual media provided by you as part of your grant application, proposal, submissions, acquittal reporting and other interaction with the Trust in relation to the grant of funds by the Trust to you, for any marketing and promotion of the Trust or related Trust activities.