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Please ensure you have read the following guidelines

Introduction and Purpose

The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust (Trust) is an Ancillary Fund (and a Public Fund) within the meaning of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Cth), established solely for the purpose of providing money, property or benefits to another fund, authority or institution which has been endorsed by the Australian Tax Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient. 


The purpose of the Trust is to support Brisbane’s charities, by using the high profile of the Trust to raise funds to be distributed to a range of worthy, lower profile and generally underfunded charitable organisations within Brisbane. As outlined in the Trust Deed, the Specific Purposes of the Trust are:


  • To attract and retain for the Trust the continuing interest and financial support of members of the public; 

  • To solicit donations, gifts, bequests and other forms of financial assistance; 

  • To widen knowledge and understanding among the public of the Trust, its activities, needs and objectives; 

  • To support organisations which do community work for the people of Brisbane; and 

  • To promote goodwill among the people of Brisbane and their relationship with the Lord Mayor and Brisbane City Council. 


The Trust may from time to time initiate specific programs and causes to assist in the community.


An organisation is eligible to apply for this grant if all the following criteria are met:


  • Has Deductible Gift Recipient status; 

  • Is an incorporated body with not for profit objectives; 

  • The objective of the organisation is for charitable purposes; 

  • The organisation was established and operates in Australia; 

  • The organisation intends to use the benefit for the endorsed purposes set out in their Deductable Gift Recipient status and in accordance with their constitution; 

  • The organisation is located or provides services within the Brisbane City Council local government area; and

  • The benefit afforded by the Trust is provided directly to clients residing within the Brisbane City Council local government area by the organisation


The following are ineligible applicants:


  • Employees of the Brisbane City Council; 

  • Employees and relatives of the Lord Mayor and the Trustees of the Trust; 

  • Government or semi-government organisations; 

  • Unions and student guilds; 

  • Professional associations;

  • Organisations registered as a company limited by shares; and

  • Organisations that are Public Ancillary Funds.

Organisations which are not eligible to apply for a grant in their own right cannot apply for a grant through an eligible organisation. In the same way, an organisation cannot apply on behalf of another eligible organisation. To remove doubt, auspicing arrangements with and between organisations will not be considered.



The Trust may choose to receive and consider applications on a yearly basis, generally occurring before Easter. The Trust reserves the right to add to, amend or forgo any grant rounds as they see fit.


Only one application from each organisation will be considered at a time. Organisations must not submit multiple applications.


The application must be emailed to the Trust on or before the grant closing date and time as published on the Trust’s website, otherwise the application may be deemed ineligible.  Late applications may not be accepted.


The application is for the Easter Egg Grant delivering the benefit of one chocolate Easter egg per child. The organisation agrees that the Easter eggs will not be re-sold to raise funds.

Assessment of Application

Trustees of the Trust will assess applications against the following criteria:


  • Does the organisation do charitable or good works for the community? 

  • Is the organisation funded elsewhere, and if so, by whom? 

  • Is the organisation located or does it provide services within the Brisbane City Council local government area? 

  • Will the benefit afforded by the Trust be provided directly to clients residing within the Brisbane City Council local government area?


The Trustees reserve the right to:

  • exercise the Trust’s discretion in the assessment of an application

Applications may be assessed against other applications received in that grant round on merit and application outcomes may be impacted by the total number of Easter Eggs available for the grant.

Application Procedure

Applications must be submitted on the correct Trust application form with the following required supporting documents:


  • Letter of Deductable Gift Recipient status;

  • Proof the organisation intends to provide the benefit afforded by the Trust directly to clients residing within the Brisbane City Council local government area; and

  • High resolution logo


Applications received by the Trust after the closing date and time of the grant round, as publicised on the Trust’s website, and/or which do not have the required supporting documents attached may be deemed ineligible for a grant. 


By signing the application form the applicant agrees to abide by the conditions of grant.

Outcome of Applications

There are two outcomes for submitted applications:

  • Approved (in full or part); or

  • Not approved.


Applicants will be notified by the Trust regarding the outcome of their application.

Acknowledgement of Trust

In any publicity made in relation to the grant from the Trust, the Trust requests that it be acknowledged as the donor. Further, where the organisation publishes an annual return, the Trust would appreciate recognition of its grant within that record. The Trust will assist in making the Trust logo available for marketing collateral to assist with the acknowledgment.

Privacy and Direct Marketing

The Trust collects, uses, discloses and stores any personal information collected from an organisation using the application form in accordance with the Trust’s Privacy Policy. A copy of the Trust’s Privacy Policy may be found here or you may request a copy from the Trust by emailing the Trust at


By completing the application form you:

  • consent to the Trust collecting, using, disclosing and storing any personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy and the conditions of grant; and consent to receiving newsletters, emails, SMS or similar electronic or physical communications from the Trust for the purpose of the Trust marketing the activities or business of the Trust.



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