2013 Lord Mayor's Christmas Appeal

Helping those less fortunate celebrate Christmas


Lord Mayor Graham Quirk is encouraging residents to dig deep for The Lord Mayor's Annual Christmas Appeal that kicks off today (Friday, 29 November), helping to raise funds to spread Christmas cheer to those less fortunate.


Cr Quirk said all donations from the Appeal go to the Lord Mayor's Charitable Trust who supported charities working in the fields of disability, homelessness, mental illness, ageing, domestic violence and addiction.


“Christmas is a time of giving and this appeal provides Brisbane’s corporate sector, community organisations and individuals with an opportunity to show that well known Brisbane caring spirit and donate to assist those less fortunate,” Cr Quirk said.


“This year we’re hoping to raise $90,000, with all proceeds to be distributed among around 40 of Brisbane’s lower profile and underfunded charitable organisations prior to Christmas, in the form of financial grants, food vouchers and toys.


“The Lord Mayor’s Christmas Appeal is a way the Trust can acknowledge the tireless work of these organisations within the City of Brisbane and help them achieve their goals.”


Since 2004, and thanks to the generosity of many corporations, individuals and community organisations, the annual appeal has raised over $756,000, enabling it to donate more than $595,000 in cash grants, $48,150 in food vouchers and 23,786 toys to help make Christmas just that little bit better for those in need.


Lady Mayoress Anne Quirk paid tribute to the charities who work hard to provide vital community services and address pressing social needs.


“They are smaller charities who struggle to raise funds, and yet they continue to deliver in tough circumstances,” Mrs Quirk said.


“They have volunteers that selflessly donate their time to help people who are suffering.


“These organisations are the grassroots charities that make a real difference to Brisbane residents by providing people with emergency accommodation and financial assistance, substance and crisis counselling, and health and education services.”


To donate visit www.lmct.org.au, call 3403 5381 or


Post cheques or money orders to:

The Lord Mayor's Charitable Trust

2013 Christmas Appeal

GPO Box 2287



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